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Business progress
Styling Samples:
We would like you send us your original samples or your own design with specifications, and then we can arrange counter samples for your approval.
Counter Samples:
  • Quality(color) reference: we will try to make quality samples for quality and technical reference. We can make color swatches for your reference in the same time if we can.
  • Size reference: Once you confirm the quality samples, if it is convenient we can make full size samples for you. If there is a extra cost, you will be required to pay for sampling.
  • Color reference: If we can, we will show you together with point 1&2. If we can not, we will give you swatches for your approval.
Photo samples and Sales samples:
Some customers request photo samples and sales samples to do advertising. We would like to make them for you. Sometimes the cost for sales samples is about double price than production
Preproduction Samples:
Once counter samples are well approved. We would like to know the order details to prepare material to make PP samples for your final approval. The deposit will be required before we move to prepare material.
Production Samples:
We will offer production samples for your reference before goods are shipped.
Packing material samples:
All packing samples will be sampled for your confirmation in the meantime.

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