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Manufacture strength
Dance tights/Ballet tights/Fishnet tights:
We have our own knitting machine in our workshop. When the yarns are warped well, we can settle them on knitting machine. Before the machine begins to work, our technician will input the pattern data to computer. When the yarns are settled on brackets, the machine will knit pattern as we want.
Dance tights/Ballet tights knitting machine                                                          Fishnet tights knitting machine
Sewing                                                                                                             Dyeing
For our machine, the toe can be well sewn                                              We dye colors as customers’ request.                 
when tights are on machine.                                                                        We have good technic to keep color right and steady.  
Shaping:                                                                                                           Packing
We use leg board shape the tights before packing.                                The last job is packing. The workers also do inspection at                                                                                                                         the same time.
                           Knitting machine                                                                                       Linking
Dance shoes:
Dance shoe Machine:
Dance shoe cutting:                                                                                        Dance shoe production line:
Dance shoe sewing:
                                                                                                                   Dancewear Ballet


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